TikTok Influencer Marketing: Tips and Tricks

TikTok Influencer Marketing: Tips and Tricks

Today, social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity for brands to gain a vast loyal following. Given its broad user base of one billion monthly active users and friendlier algorithm, TikTok is among the top platforms brands and influencers leverage.

The growing popularity of TikTok among influencers

TikTok is a video-sharing platform with the focus on short yet engaging videos. This falls perfectly within the evolving consumers' preference for visual content over blocks of text and images that have dominated the scenery for years.

The easy video sharing and interactions led to TikTok's eruption, which has placed it among the top social media platforms globally. TikTok has over a billion active users, an extensive pool that allows influencers to amass a notable following quickly.

Besides the extensive audience, TikTok's unique algorithm is a major winning point that continues attracting more influencers. The algorithm makes it much easier to reach a broader audience, even for users who haven't yet built a considerable following. This is helpful for users striving to build a huge loyal following and become notable influencers.

Why Consider TikTok Influencer Marketing?

Partnering with influencers on TikTok can thrust your campaigns to the next level.

As specified in the latest report, marketers plan to increase the usage of TikTok influencer marketing in the next few years:

The popularity of TikTok influencer marketing is quite obvious. It's easier to grow brand awareness and drive more users in your business's favor with TikTok influencer marketing, given the following:

  • Large and active audience: TikTok doesn't just boast an extensive audience base. The users are actively engaged. On average, TikTok users spend at least an hour daily on the platform. This is enough window for influencers to tip more audience in your brand's favor.
  • Notable engagement rates: TikTok's short videos are quite engaging, which drives more audience reactions than other social media platforms. Users are likelier to like, comment, and share TikTok videos. Such interactions help gain more exposure. Even better, the videos are likely to go viral, accelerating your brand awareness and winning more loyal followers.
  • Relatable content: TikTok's content appeals to a broad audience due to its light and relatable tone. The platform encourages users to share fun and informative content, which helps develop healthier relationships. This helps influencers and brands to develop personal and deeper connections with the audience, which is every marketer's dream.

Best Practices of TikTok Influencer Marketing

TikTok is a great influencer marketing platform, but success isn't guaranteed, nor does it happen overnight. You need the right strategy to ensure TikTok influencer marketing aligns with your brand values and deliver notable results.

The strategy must touch on content creation and distribution. This includes implementing practical, time-saving tips to help you consistently create engaging content and interact with the audience. You also must adopt practices geared for long-term success. Below are four best practices to help you get started.

1. Turn Brand Fans into Advocates

Your followers are a perfect marketing avenue. This is more so since other users are likelier to trust the followers' input than ads. Turning your fans into brand advocates is the most effective influencer marketing strategy, but it takes some work.

The top proven tips and tricks to turn fans into advocates are making them feel like a part of your brand and appreciated. Next is to encourage them to share your content and actively engage with them to keep the conversation going.

Challenges, referral campaigns, user-generated content, and branded hashtags are among the must-explore TikTok ideas for influencer marketing.

Challenges develop a healthy competition that brings in more traffic through the discussion and sharing among other campaign's requirements. The bottom line is to ensure you use a worthy reward worth the audience's time and effort.

Referral campaigns encourage users to share your brand with their audience. This, in return, earns the fans rewards like free merchandise, exclusive access, or huge discounts. This further creates that VIP sense, which turns the fans into advocates.

Branded hashtags build a community that spreads the word and helps build an extensive following. The community feels connected to your brand, meaning they are likelier to share your content, acting as your advocates.

User-generated content creates credibility as the user acts like a brand advocate. The content appeals to the audience since it is more authentic and relatable than ads.

Social media is all about the "social" aspect. Once you keep the social bit going, rather than spamming your audience with ads, you'll easily become a part of the conversation or be the main discussion. This helps you develop intimate relationships with the audience, which turns them into brand advocates.

2. Work with Micro-Influencers

It is only natural that you want to work with macro influencers to tap into their extensive following. Nonetheless, macro influencers also have something to offer. They may not have millions of followers, but their audience is deeply connected.

Micro-influencers give your brand access to a more niche-related audience. This results in higher relevance of your influencer marketing campaign than the macro path that exposes you to millions who may not be as interested in your offerings.

3. Experiment with Various Video Formats

You must keep your content fresh to attract, keep users glued to your brand, and win a notable following. Besides diverse content, you should also experiment with different video formats to appeal to a wider audience base.

You've probably researched Instagram Reels vs TikTok short videos and discovered their major contributions. The video formats go beyond this comparison and the standard TikTok video formats, namely .MP4, MOV, AVI, and. GIF.

You can experiment with video formats, including brand takeover, branded hashtags or effects, in-feed, and TopView videos. Each format is best suited for a particular use. Branded hashtags and effects are great for brand awareness campaigns, brand takeovers are great for established brands, TopView delivers more impressions but tends to be costlier, and in-feed lets you tap more into your creativity.

4. Share Campaign Guidelines

What are your primary TikTok influencer marketing campaign's goals; brand awareness, lead generation, or driving more sales? You need clear goals to ensure you craft and share favorable campaign guidelines with influencers.

Sharing a clear campaign's message and deliverables sets everyone on the same track. You can easily use the metrics and analytics provided by TikTok's tools to measure such a campaign's effectiveness.

You'll determine if the campaign is successful such as weighing the generated shares, views, and engagements against your goals. If it is, you can invest more time and adjust those that aren't delivering the value of your investment to ensure the influencers are pulling in the same direction.

How to Find the Right TikTok Influencer

You've defined your goals, know your target audience demographics, and have a clear influencer marketing strategy. Now, you need to pick influencers, but how do you choose the right ones?

Considering the influencer's following and engagement rates are the most obvious check, but not necessarily the primacy checkpoints. You need a reputable TikTok influencer in line with your business and industry.

The first step that can help you narrow the options is combing through hashtags. This way, you'll find influencers using relevant hashtags aligned with your brand. Such influencers are likely already creating content that resonates with your audience, and establishing a long-term working partnership will be easy.

You can also leverage TikTok influencer search tools. The tools help you find influencers and filter the results, such as by engagement rate or follower count, among other measures. This can speed up your search and uncover more influencers in your industry.

As you pick an influencer, also consider their pricing. While TikTok influencer marketing is cost-effective, you can't discount the charges and their implication on your budget.

Some influencers could attract a hefty price, yet they may not be as aligned with your brand values and mission, which won't deliver as much. Others may be cheap, but their reputation may taint your brand's image. The best way is to weigh an influencer's potential value against the price.


TikTok is among the most vibrant social media platforms brands should leverage in marketing. Influencer marketing helps you quickly tap into the extensive platform's audience base and develop more profound connections.

Developing an effective TikTok influencer marketing strategy takes work and time. Nonetheless, when strategically executed, TikTok influencer marketing can fast-track your business growth, making it worth the resources invested.

The skyrocketing social media presence and online visibility can drive more traffic to your business. This enhances your brand's awareness and credibility, crucial assets every marketer strives to develop. The traffic is also loaded with qualified leads, translating to better conversion rates.

Influencer marketing makes it easier to win more followers and generate repeat business in the long run. The bottom line; craft an effective strategy following the pointers highlighted above.