How to Find More TikTok Ideas for Your Profile

How to Find More TikTok Ideas for Your Profile

TikTok continues to impress and make its mark as one of the top social media platforms.

Most users are in it for fun, light moments and laughs, and learning or finding something while on the platform.

As a TikToker, especially working to become an influencer, you need an outstanding profile to reach, attract, and win more followers. It starts with the basics, including describing who you are, adding a great profile picture, spicing it with some emojis, adding a link to the bio, and including a CTA, all while ensuring you do not exceed the character limit.

Spicing up your TikTok profile is an ongoing process, meaning you should always be on the lookout for more ideas.

Why Should You Give Different TikTok Ideas a Try?

Even after you’ve crafted an irresistible TikTok profile, you should strive to keep it fresh with new ideas. Among the top reasons you need to try different profile ideas include the following:

  • Diverse TikTok profiles grab the attention: You don’t want your profile to go stale. What’s trendy today can be obsolete next week, meaning your profile may no longer be as attention-grabbing. Trying new ideas keeps your profile attractive, allowing you to grab more eyeballs and keep them interested long enough to direct them to your content.
  • People interact with trendy content: You can’t get famous on TikTok, your content hardly gets significant interactions. You want your TikTok videos to generate massive reactions and shares and even go viral. A trendy profile helps achieve such an impact, emphasizing the need to continuously work on it by employing different ideas.
  • Different ideas allow you to work with more brands: You’ve put in the work and are popular on TikTok. Now, you want to optimize your earning potential by working with various brands. Trying different ideas makes the profile more appealing to different brands with varying preferences, allowing you to get more deals and pocket more money as a TikTok influencer.

Once you want to make your TikTok feed more diverse and creative, check out proven ways to find TikTok ideas.

5 Ways to Find More TikTok Ideas for Your Profile

We have established that trying new ideas to keep your TikTok profile fresh is not an afterthought. So, how do you find more TikTok profile ideas?

Keeping up with TikTok trends is easier than you may anticipate.

The simplest way is to browse trends in your local area:

You can also follow trending hashtags, check out the Discover tab, and filter your search results by popularity. Then, simplify the process by following notable TikTok influencers since they must be on trend to maintain their edge.

You can even look to other social media platforms since hashtags tend to work across channels. With your eye on the trends, you can easily spice up your profile with measures like trendy Meme PFP.

2. Spy on Famous TikTok Influencers

Following influencers is a surefire way to keep up with the trends.

Spying on them is even better as you strive to keep your profile and content on trend. What are they doing that is leading more users their way? You might have creative, unique, and fun content, but your profile could be standing in your way of getting more TikTok video views. Check out what the top influencers do with their profiles and experiment with a few ideas to see what works for the target audience.

3. Ask Your Followers for Recommendations

Your followers are a valuable resource.

If you do not engage them, you’ll keep losing them, and what better way can you involve them than by asking for their input? User input, especially with creative measures like contests, fosters healthier relationships.

They’ll feel more like a part of you and, with the unique and fresh ideas generated, give your profile makeover an edge.

When creating your next TikTok video, think about involving your audience in the process of idea brainstorming. For example, you can ask for content ideas in the caption, like in the example below:

4. Repurpose Content from Other Networks

You probably are on other social networks; how have your profiles on those platforms evolved?

Repurposing content across various platforms can help you maintain a certain consistency degree, which adds credibility. This is more so as you cross-promote your content across the platforms.

Let's take a look at Sephora, for example. This beauty company has a presence on all popular social media platforms and its team constantly invests time and effort into creating valuable and useful content. Here's one of its videos for Instagram:

And here's how Sephora repurposes its for TikTok channel to make the most out of content creation and reach a wider audience on potential customers:

Social media is constantly evolving and requires the right skis to keep up.

Reading popular resources helps hone your skills, making navigating the fast-paced digital world advancements easier. The skills mean you’ll hardly miss out on the trends since you’ll have the required expertise to catch on to the emerging aspects and be among the first TikTokers to use them for your profile and content.

The good news? Here at Fameswap, we constantly write and publish useful content on TikTok marketing, so you're welcome to browse our recently added blog posts:

You know where to look and find TikTok profile ideas and inspirations; how do you go about it?

Best TikTok Ideas for Your Profile

1. Experiment with Your TikTok Bio

Optimizing the text, link, name, and CTA takes some trials. Experimenting will help you strike a sound that reflects what you are all about. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a few approaches, keeping your target audience in mind.

What sounds great today may not feel right after you’ve created more content, especially if the action you want the users to take has shifted. This emphasizes the need to keep experimenting and freshen your TikTok profile.

2. Find Your Unique Style

What sets you apart from the rest? As much as you want to keep up with the trends, you need to make your profile unique. Your uniqueness gives you a competitive edge, which your profile should exude. Finding your style may also take some experimenting, which should align with your niche, target audience, and content.

Taco Bell is active on TikTok and when the company creates TikTok videos, it always includes its tacos. Pretty savvy, huh?

3. Create a Branded Hashtag

Hashtags are everywhere and can help generate more interactions and a huge following when used appropriately. Branded hashtags do more good since they are uniquely identifiable to your brand. Developing an ideal branded hashtag takes the right approach, from defining the intention, considering the target audience, finding the right words that appeal to the intended emotions, and brainstorming the potential blowbacks.

Need inspiration? Lulus has its branded hashtag for collecting user-generated content and the company promotes it in the bio section:

Short, sweet, and precise branded hashtags make it easier for the audience to use them whenever they are in conversations touching your brand. This makes growing a community easier, propelling your popularity to the next level and generating more views and TikTok interactions.

4. Take Care of Profile Aesthetics

Graphics are at the heart of an attractive TikTok profile. It can be tricky, though, especially since you can easily go overboard only to make it so flashy that it drives users away. You have a lot to leverage that can make the users look again and spend a second checking out your profile and content. You can try anime, cartoons, memes, cute animals, and transparent or cool profile photos that exude your unique taste.

It's no wonder that travel vlog Visit has a beautiful TikTok page with colorful preview images, but this profile deserves attention for sure:

5. Communicate with Followers

The main objective of your TikTok profile is to tell your followers who you are, what your content is all about, and what you aim to achieve. This means your profile needs to be as comprehensive as possible, yet using the least words.

When people start following you on the platform, they show interest in your personality. And when they leave comments on your profile, it means they crave communication with you, so you should interact with your followers. Moreover, it can help to think outside the box.

In a Word

As you consider making TikTok one of your income streams, you may be focused on the content and discount the profile. Look at it this way; your TikTok profile is more like the first time you meet someone. It creates that first impression, determining whether a user will proceed and check out your content or keep scrolling. This is more so as you work to become a TikTok influencer, keep the audience hooked, and generate more views.