How to Get Famous on TikTok and Make Money in 2022

Do you want to get famous and make money on TikTok? Here are some top tips to help you reach your goal...

How to Get Famous on TikTok and Make Money in 2022

TikTok launched in 2016, and Gen Zs have been going crazy over the platform since then. Trending music, snackable content, and humor- what's not to like about it? TikTok has already crossed a billion active users.

Can you imagine the reach you could get if you get popular on a social media app like this? And no, it is not yet too saturated for anyone to grow on the platform! You need to know the right strategies. Lucky for you, we have cracked it all!

Can You Get TikTok Famous Overnight?

It is comparatively easier to go "viral" on TikTok than on other social networks. Unlike Instagram or other social media platforms, the TikTok algorithm does not recommend your content based on how massive your follower base is.

If your content is similar to the kind of content TikTok users usually interact with, the algorithm will push your videos. So even if you are a new account, it is relatively easier to grow. But that does not mean you will become TikTok famous in no time. You need more than just a few "hit viral videos" to be popular. Your one video might go crazy viral, and people will forget you in a few days. So focus on "consistency" more than virality.

Top 10 Strategies on How to Get TikTok Famous

1. Pick a niche and research a lot around it

You just can’t make content randomly around anything and everything. It is super important to niche down for the following reasons:

  • On the For You page of TikTok, the content is personalized for each user according to the content niche they consume the most (fashion, travel, dance).
  • People often search for content in specific niches using hashtags for that niche.

The niche you pick should tick off these two things:

  • You need to be passionate about that niche. You need to love creating content around the niche you pick. You can create a niche too by combining 2-3 things you love.
  • The niche should be something that people love to consume as well. It should be either of these three:
  • Entertaining (transitions, dancing)
  • Educational (tutorials, types of)
  • Inspiring (personal stories)

Go narrow when you pick a niche. Target a super-specific audience, so your content features in their fyp (for you page) while scrolling. Let us understand this with an example.

choose a tiktok niche

Suppose your niche is travel. Instead of randomly posting about any place, pick a sub-niche. Your sub-niche can be anything like "budget-friendly travel", "eco-friendly travel", or "luxurious travel" as Michelle G has done.

Research a lot about your sub-niche so that you never run out of content ideas. If your niche is "eco-friendly travel," consume blogs, YouTube videos, tweets, memes, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, and popular TikTok videos daily around it.

If people are addicted to something on the platform, it is music. So always try to add popular songs to your content, even if you are using original sound. The music should be snappy, peppy, and with upbeats.

You can find what music is trending at the bottom of the discover tab itself. You can also check if a track is trending in your niche particularly. That could be a big hit!

3. Buy a TikTok account

Growing on any platform is impossible if you do not know the platform in and out. What kind of content does the algorithm push? What is the best time to post? What types of videos are performing the best for you?

buy a tiktok account

Buy a TikTok account from Fameswap, and you will be blessed with so much data. You can dig deep into the analytics like- what is the proportion of your female to male followers, what sounds your audience likes, how many followers you have gained or lost recently etc.

Buying an account with a huge following will also give you a headstart. You won’t need to wait months to grow organically. Instead, you can reach hundreds and thousands of people instantly.

Another paid tactic is to run Instagram ads. You get really good reach for your ad spend and can convert those views to followers or sales directly. You could also use a TikTok ads dashboard to simplify things further.

4. Think of unique ideas outside the box

Suppose you create content around the fashion niche. Now almost every other account will create "different ways to style your skirt" or "how to accessorize your look." Now, this does not mean you cannot create similar content.

Have your fresh perspective on it that will make it unique to you. But if you want to make your account popular, you will also have to brainstorm original content ideas that people have not seen before.

In this case, it could be:

  • How I fabricate my lookbook
  • Recreating popular celebrity looks
  • Styling a unique and specific fashion item (for instance, cowboy boots)
  • Thrift or vintage stores I recently discovered
  • Highlighting your OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

These are just a few examples. Go crazy and note down as many ideas as you can think of.

5. Consistently post high-quality, shareable content

post quality shareable content

TikTok is more than just a place to show your "lip-syncing" and "dress changing" skills. People consume content like this, but only a handful of people can get insanely popular doing this. Think about it!

If you do the exact same thing thousands of other people are doing, what are your chances of standing out? Instead, create your signature content like the TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio. Your content should reflect your personality.

Create the kind of content that people find relatable. It will lead to shares and shoot up your follower count. How consistently you post depends on you. It could be thrice a day (more than that might feel spammy) or once a day (less than that might not work). But stick to the schedule.

Bonus tips for creating high-quality content:

  • Choose a shoot location that seems appealing
  • Invest in good ring light and phone with a good camera
  • Block external noise while you shoot

6. Engage with your followers and fellow TikTokers

This is a very underrated strategy to grow on this platform. When your followers engage with you, they expect you to engage back. But be interesting while you are engaging.

Maybe leave a funny reply to a follower's comment. Also, comment under the posts of the famous TikTokers in your niche. Keep it quirky so that their followers are intrigued to check your account.

take advantage of tiktok trends

Often when you create a "trending" content piece like Finger Snap, you will see your follower count shooting up. You can go to the "Discover" tap and find out the recent popular videos on the platform. But do not blindly follow it.

Give your unique spin to it. Why is this crucial? Because trends are relevant only for a few days. Your content needs to be evergreen so that even when someone visits your profile months after the trend, they find it interesting. Also, make sure the trend aligns with your niche. You can also use trending songs, filters, effects, etc.

Trending hashtags are essential game changers in TikTok. They are tools to maximize your reach. If used right, you can even go viral overnight! Here’s how to find them.

  • Tap the "Discover" button and have a look at the latest trending hashtags at the bottom of the app.
  • Select any of the trending hashtags and see if the content under it is similar to the kind of content you create.
  • If not, keep searching until you find the relevant hashtags in your niche. You can even create your fun and goofy hashtags.
  • Keep your hashtags a mix of the trending ones and your unique, signature ones.

9. Collaborate with brands

tiktok influencers can collaborate with brands

Creating content for small or big brands will lead to more exposure to your account. Pitch to brands to promote their products or services through your content. More and more brands are hiring TikTok influencers for marketing.

"But sponsored content is boring, and people hate it." Not anymore! Content creators are now finding more and more creative ways to include promotions in an otherwise super entertaining piece of content. Both the brand and your audience will be happy. The brand's followers might end up following you too if they like your content, and you also get paid for it. Sounds like a win-win, right?

10. Post at the best time

If you are not posting at the time when your audience is most active on the platform, you are missing out on so many views. But how do you find out the right time?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Buy a TikTok pro account. It will give you access to a ton of valuable analytics that will help you with a lot of "juicy data."
  • Under the "Analytics" section, go to the "Followers" tab. There will be two sub-tabs under it- hours and days.
  • The "hours" tab will show you the time your followers are most active. But that will be just for a single day.
  • Aggregate data for at least 2-3 weeks to find a pattern. To track the "active time" consistently for days on a spreadsheet.

If you still do not have enough followers to track activity, you can find out your "best posting time" for Instagram. Usually, your follower base will be more or less the same, so it might work.

post at the best times on tiktok

Influencer Marketing Hub did its research on over 100,000 content pieces and found this data on the best posting times. So select your slot and start sharing at the best times!

Bonus Tips for More TikTok Followers

Here are some bonus hacks to shoot up your follower count:

  1. If you are just starting on TikTok but have a decent follower count on other social media platforms, leverage it. Link your TikTok videos to your Instagram stories with an exciting CTA. You can even re-post some of the best performing TikTok videos on your Instagram feed with a CTA to follow your TikTok account for "more content like this." It can help you increase your reach.
  2. You might have heard that "funny content" and "dance videos" perform the best on TikTok. But what if you are not naturally funny and cannot dance? Instead, do what you do best. Create content that highlights your USP.
  3. Relax while you are shooting. If you are nervous, it will show. Just have fun and be yourself. You do not need to pretend to be someone else.
  4. Edit your videos using professional tools like Inshot, Zoomerang, etc. Your content should look well-polished.
  5. Don't just go ahead and start posting on the first day itself. Have a planner of at least fifteen days of content ready. It will ensure that you are not inconsistent with posting just because you cannot think of good ideas.
  6. Make good use of the popular "Duet/Stitch" feature. Collaborate with other creators in your niche to amplify your reach. Duet content also performs better since people love watching their favorite creators together.
  7. TikTok Analytics is the best tool you will ever have to create content that drives engagement. Analytics will tell you which of your content pieces have previously performed well. You can repurpose those pieces with a new twist. You will also figure out what content type your audience likes to see more - entertaining, educating, or inspiring.

Now get TikTok famous

Becoming famous on any platform, TikTok, or anything else is never an overnight success. It takes months, and sometimes even years of consistently posting quality content. But you need to implement the right strategies. If you follow all the core and bonus strategies we have discussed in this blog, your account is bound to grow.