Social Media Ideas for Valentine's Day that Work Best

Social Media Ideas for Valentine's Day that Work Best

The growing popularity of Valentine's Day is an understatement; more like the ferocity of Valentine's day has become common.

Today, this holiday is in a league of its own, and social media put it on full blast and create another realm for this holiday.

Social media on Valentine's day can have you assuming that everyone is in love or trying to spread love. You may have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) as there are features such as filters and special effects to mark and celebrate the day.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when you have the best intentions in marking this day on social media. You may have ideas and need to learn how to execute them. You could also have too many options and can easily overflood your socials with unwarranted Valentine's day shenanigans.

Let this article guide you and give you ideas on how to maneuver this holiday to convey what you are truly trying to communicate.

The Concept of Valentine's Day on Social Media

Long before social media, Valentine's Day had quite a macabre beginning.

This wasn't always the sweetest holiday celebrating love as we know it today. It is a story of a Christian faithful who turned to martyrdom in the 3rd century; his name was St. Valentine was killed on February 14th.

Wondering how does murder lead to a holiday about love? A medieval poet wrote a poem where he correlated that fateful day and love. Later on, history shows us that lovers would exchange love poems on February 14th and as they say, the rest is history.

The long journey of this holiday proves its worth in weight and that it will not go anywhere anytime soon. If anything, society will always make time and space for it and having a social media strategy for such a holiday can help grow your social media influence.

Numbers speak for themselves:

As you can see, people have high interest in St. Valentine's Day and they are ready to spend big money on gifts for their beloved ones. For marketing teams, this means an opportunity to get into the users' spirit and boost sales.

So here are nine evergreen social media ideas for Valentine's day that are easy (and fast)  to implement.

1. Tell Love Stories

Anyone with a heart loves a good love story.

It is quite much taught in our society that a whole genre of movies and music is dedicated to telling and singing about love. The ups and downs and downright ugly side it brings out of people.

When it comes to social media marketing campaigns, Valentine's Day is a perfect reason to tell love stories, evoke emotions, and create an emotional bond with your audiences.

You can either tell your love story or post love stories that are captivating or that you like. People love, love and seeing it unfold in someone's life story can bring hope and joy to those longing for such a love story. Living vicariously through other people's stories and experiences is part of the human condition.

2. Invite Followers to Share Their Stories

In the same way, people like to hear love stories, and they also love to share their own or those that touch their hearts. Invite your followers to share some love stories; it could be theirs or of a family member, friend or tale they heard from someone else.

Sharing is part of the whole Valentine's day experience. It doesn't necessarily have to be the sharing of gifts because sharing stories is a powerful and thoughtful way of sharing love. It will also show that you care and are giving a platform to spread love.

Want to increase engagement? Invite followers to share their stories.

The easiest way is to use the question sticker in Instagram Stories to collect stories from your followers and then share the best ones with your audience.

3. Write Valentine's Day Captions

Having beautiful captions, such as short poems, can enhance your content.

It will also be staying true to the beginnings of this holiday, where people swapped letters and poems professing love to one another. It would be in the true spirit of Valentine's holiday to have a caption, especially a poetic one.

Having captions will allow your followers to see your point of view on love. Once experience with love informs their bias about love. It can also reveal an intimate part of you that people can connect with and love for being you.

Check out a simple yet effective example from Dunkin:

If you need more inspiration for your special holiday captions, consider using one of the following words:

  • Kisses
  • Heart
  • Love
  • Romance
  • Valentine

4. Include Valentine's Day Hashtags

Hashtags are still a necessary part of your social media posts. Granted, we put them at the end; however, these apps' algorithms use them to help identify content better and push what is relevant to the AI. Considering Valentine's day is a big global holiday, there will be a push by the algorithm for such content. So remember to put the relevant hashtags of the day.

Here's how one TikTok user makes her post relevant to St.Valentine's Day with a wide array of specific hashtags:

5. Share Romantic Gift Ideas

Social media can sometimes make you think you are alone in certain struggles or situations. You may see people being gifted lavish expensive gifts or going for beautiful getaways.

Remember, love is personal, and everyone wants to be loved differently.

It's important to remember that with gifting, your imagination only limits your choices. At times people honestly don't have a clue. This is where you give them many ideas for romantic gifts that are not socks or underwear.

The best part? Never forget to put your own product on the list and spark interest in it. Lululemon created two video guides for women and men and added their products to boost sales.

6. Create Themed Filters

The era of virtual reality and artificial intelligence is here.

Practically every social media user has used a filter at least once while the majority of us use them daily.

So, wouldn't it be great to celebrate St.Valentine's Day with a themed filter?

Everyone loves a good filter, especially if it marks celebrations you participate in, as they add pizazz and flair. Having themed filters allows your followers to join in on the fun and celebrate the holiday with you.

What is more, social media platforms leave information about the filter creator which means you can get more fans who love your themed filter.

7. Organize a Couple Contest

If you want people to interact more with you and your content, having a couple of contests can help.

You decide the parameters of what it takes to enter and have a prize that is enticing enough for people to want to join and participate to win.

Here's an example of a couple contest dedicated to St.Valentine's Day.

Some people offer dates to a nice restaurant, gifts and even money. Depending on your budget and how you plan to engage your audience will determine how you do it. It's also a way to get genuine followers by adding a caveat for people to follow your page as part of the contest.

8. Post Valentine's Day Ads

The tried and tested way that brings results consistently is placing adverts. P

lacing Valentine's Day-themed adverts before the day will help draw attention to your page. People are looking for ideas, packages and deals and having an ad is a leg up.

Make it count by ensuring that also your page has posted concerning the holiday. This is also a good way to push your offers or couple competition. This is a way to make money on social media if you are a page pushing certain services or products that align with Valentine's day.

Check out an example of Valentine's Day ad from Coca-Cola:

9. Make Funny Themed Videos

No one gets mad for having a good laugh. If anything, it releases endorphins and makes you feel good. Post videos your followers can laugh at or feel good on that day. Spreading joy and laughter is one way of showing people love. There are many video ideas that can be off the nose about the holiday but can be related to Valentine's.

Plus, the popularity of social media videos is on its rise as users show interest in consuming more video content from brands. As a result, it can mean higher engagement.


Valentine's day is a global holiday celebrated by hundreds of millions of people and is a great way to push content on your social media.

Content creation is not the easiest, but when you have holidays celebrated in a big way, such as Valentine, you have so much potential in content.

Take a few of the ideas that sit well with your page and research further, and put out something you are happy with and that people will enjoy. It's a holiday of love and their different love languages, find yours and use it to express to your followers what Valentine's day means to you.