11 Social Media Video Ideas for Influencers, Brands, and Users

11 Social Media Video Ideas for Influencers, Brands, and Users

Social media continues to be a go-to for virtually everything in the modern online-oriented world.

The channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok provide brands, influencers, and other users with a chance to access an extensive global reach.

Nonetheless, you must be strategic to gain popularity and ensure your social media activities capture more attention, keep users interested, and build a significant following. Today, among the measures that continue to hit new highs is video content.

The Popularity of Video Content on Social Media

In the last few years, video content has become one of the preferred content types on social media. Today, more and more people want to watch more videos and this encourages marketers to implement video marketing in their strategies.

Let's take a look at the numbers:

Yes, the popularity of video marketing is taking the world by storm.

Just look at TikTok and the number of active users the social media platform boasts off.

The main aspect that has and continues to propel social media platforms' popularity is video content. TikTok is a top video social media channel, and other platforms haven't lagged as they strive to keep up with the trends.

Features such as classic YouTube videos, Facebook stories, and Instagram reels continue to showcase the growing popularity of video content across all social media outlets.

Top Reasons to Create Social Media Videos Today

Having a social media presence, you can post images with short captions and keep your profile active.

But if you want to stand out from the crowd and deliver the right content type your audience craves, it's time to create social media videos.

Moreover, here are three proven reasons to invest in social media videos today.

  • Keep up with trends. Everyone is doing it, so why not hop on the bandwagon? Keeping up with the trends is critical for every influencer, brand, and user as they strive to stay ahead of the competition. It is a chance to keep your followers glued to your platform rather than hopping to a different channel, as they don't want to be left behind.
  • Increase user engagement. You need to do what it takes to up your engagement quests. Video content is among the must-haves in your modern engagement strategy, ensuring you rank better, attract more reactions, and remain ahead of the curve.
  • Deliver your message. Users are bombarded by blocks of text and photos, which translates to lower engagement. Video content provides a more innovative strategy to keep the users hooked, deliver your message without overwhelming them, and quickly convert them in favor of your brand.

Video content offers many benefits, but how do you consistently generate the best and keep users hooked? If you are struggling to keep up with the trend, here are a few social media video ideas to get you going.

1. Introduce Yourself in a Video Format

User bios below a photo have been a go-to for some time.

While effective, it isn't as intimate as doing the introduction through a video. Users relate better to a person with a voice.

A photo is worth a thousand words; how about kicking it to the next level with audio output, too?

Videos effectively introduce you and paint a more vivid idea of who you are and what you stand for, facilitating a better connection with the audience.

No matter what is the reason for having a social media profile, this idea can be handy for all users.

2. Show Products in Unboxing Videos

Product descriptions with images took the world by storm, helping users gain more insights into an item before purchase.

Videos take this to another level, especially with the unboxing experience. The number of unboxing videos on YouTube is growing daily!

You can use the video of the unboxing process to immerse users deeper into the world of your products. They won't just read and look at the images and then employ their imagination to figure it out; you'll take them all through the journey, easing their decision-making endeavors.

3. Tell a Story in Your Video

The "social" in social media is often overlooked, yet it is critical as an influencer or brand strives to grow a community.

Short yet engaging videos that tell a story can help you achieve higher engagements.

You want to keep the users hooked, and what better way to do it than using spicy videos telling a story that can touch on your brand? Videos are amazing storytelling tools, especially since they can include a range of items, from people to products, sceneries, and experiences.

TikTok users often implement this strategy in their videos, just like in the example below:

You can also add text to the video stories to make them more interactive and consumable for a broader audience base and in settings where audio content may not be easily consumed. The text also makes a video more memorable, improving its effectiveness.

4. Explain Little-Known Things with How-Tos

Tutorials are a gem in the social media world.

DIY continues to be the order of the day, and with the how-tos videos, you can quickly amass a significant following.

Those little things that make a difference can set you aside and give your channel an edge in the noisy arena. For instance, users will keep visiting your platform to learn more about how they can improve the efficacy of their beauty products if you provide make-up tutorials.

Or you can also share your niche experience and upload a step-by-step tutorial guide on making something unique like drawing faces, for instance.

The how-to explainer videos can span from explaining simpler things to helping users navigate more complex activities they'd usually contact a technician to manage.

It is an informative marketing tool that can help users figure out most, if not all, of your brand's related concerns. This turns your brand into a resourceful information tool, making it easier to gain popularity and retain a significant loyal user base.

5. Take Followers Behind-the-Scenes

Who is behind your brand?

Giving users a tour of the people behind your brand creates a more intimate relationship. Behind-the-scenes videos showcase your culture and what processes go into delivering the products/services and help humanize the brand.

A glimpse into your brand's workday creates a personality the users can associate with, easing your quests to capture, retain, and convert more followers into active consumers.

As an influencer, you can show backstage to take followers behind-the-scenes and create an emotional bond with your viewers.

6. Q&A Live Stream Session

Live Q&A sessions add authenticity to your profile.

Connecting with your audience in real-time improves credibility since they feel more involved in the process. Gathering live questions and answering as many during the live session shows your commitment to your audience.

Moreover, as it is evident that you are doing it, a real person, growing a more intimate connection with the audience is easier, supercharging the quest to develop a huge loyal following.

7. Create Time-Sensitive Content

While considering some of the top video ideas brands, influencers, and users can't afford to ignore, time-sensitive content can't be overlooked.

Announcements, contests, and giveaways, among other time-sensitive concerns, are best conveyed through video content.

Working in the fashion niche, you can share seasonal collections and invite viewers to vote for their choice:

Besides credibility, users' engagement is better with video content. This makes it easier to reach more and convey the message. Time-sensitive content needs to be distributed fast, and with the capability to attract more eyeballs much faster, videos are an excellent solution.

8. Combine Images in a Video

Images add a visual appeal to a video, especially with the quality and strategically positioned selection.

The images can make your video more appealing and shareable. This can accelerate the performance since you leverage the users to reach more people in their network, even beyond your scope.

Images such as your products in the video can ease your quest to create brand awareness. It is a subtle marketing strategy since the images don't necessarily have to be at the heart of your video.

The best part? It doesn't take much time or effort to collect images and turn them into a video like in the example below:

9. Share Your Expertise

Explainer videos give you a chance to showcase your field's expertise.

That's not the only strategy; you can consider working with other influencers or your field's thought leaders. Live interviews, for instance, can supercharge your social media video content performance. You can provide resourceful information to the audience while sharing your field's expertise, gaining more credibility. Whether on your platform or volunteering to get interviewed by other influencers, showing your expertise enhances users' confidence in your brand.

10. Make Review Videos

Reviews are a must-check for modern consumers.

Video reviews, especially featuring user-generated content, can put your social media content into the limelight and capture more interest.

User-generated content delivers more genuine reviews. While the users may not provide top-quality videos, the authenticity of the reviews inspires confidence, which can influence the users and tip them in your favor.

11. Have Fun with Short-Form Videos

Short-form videos account for the relatively shorter attention span of modern social media users.

Bite-size videos are easy to interact with, digest, and remember.  Moreover, short-form videos are extremely popular among users these days which gives you a chance to grab their attention.

Check out a good example:

The videos can considerably increase the clicks, shares, and other reactions compared to lengthy videos.

The videos help users learn more about your brand in several smaller steps, which is more natural than pushing it all at once. The short-form videos also work well in adverts.


Videos can help you become popular on social media, improve your credibility, and increase your earning potential. Influencers and brands can continuously gain followers and turn them into active consumers, improving their profit margins. While keeping up with the trend can be overwhelming, with the above strategies, you can navigate the field and create attractive, compelling, and informative videos that can turn your social media performance around.