How to Add Text to Your TikTok videos

Do you want to add text to your TikTok videos? Here's an easy step-by-step guide to help you quickly add attractive text to your TikTok videos.

How to Add Text to Your TikTok videos

The TikTok platform has an average of more than 850 minutes of usage per month, which makes it one of the most trending social media apps. This number is only going up gradually as Millennials and Gen Zs are getting more addicted to the app. The Tik-Tok algorithm supports brands and businesses to promote their content in front of a large audience.

This gives businesses a large audience to promote their products. But at the same time, it also leads to a lot of competition. More and more businesses and influencers are getting TikTok famous. One way to differentiate yourself and stand out from the competition is to add more text.

Why Add Text to Your TikTok Videos?

You can pack a lot of value in your Tik Tok video content by elaborating your messaging through text. Adding captions to your Tik-Tok videos has various advantages. We'll go over a couple of them in this article.

1. Make your content more accessible

92% of mobile users view videos on mute. Millennials and Gen Zs will never scroll through TikTok with sound on while in public. Unlike boomers, they will never put videos on total volume in their living room. Also, many people (even others of the younger generation) don't prefer playing loud sounds on their phones when watching content. So to ensure that the younger audience enjoys your content, you need to add text to your videos. You can summarize the audio that plays over your video using captions.

2. Create complex narratives

TikTok videos are too short and not enough to share a complete story or educate the viewer on a crucial topic. But you can do this by adding a caption to your new video content. You can also add text to different time codes in your video. It will help you add context. When you are just presenting visuals, the audience sometimes fails to comprehend or catch up on the entire series of events in the video. But when you compliment your video with text, it becomes easier for your target audience to grasp the concept.

For instance, you can do a 60-second or 3-minute long video on getting ready or applying makeup and take your audience through the entire routine. You can elaborate on the brand story you are trying to convey through your TikTok video through your captions. You can also promote the testimonials from happy customers with captions.

You can create a slideshow-style video where you are promoting multiple products and add text to it.

3. Build a sense of mystery

You can shoot an entire script into two parts and give a text CTA at the end of the first, like "Watch part 2 for the rest." It will create suspense in the audience regarding your next video, and they will be intrigued to check your account. It is beneficial if the user initially discovered your video on the "For You" page. They might visit your page for part 2 and eventually follow you if they like your content. It will shoot up your views and engagement.

4. Make your TikTok videos more engaging

Short, crisp, and dynamic videos on TikTok with responsive text can make your video more exciting and catchy. When there is text alongside the visual, your impact on the audience is way more. It is significantly effective to capture the attention of a young audience.

5. Attract an international audience

Google has estimated that "on average, over two-thirds of a creator's audience watch time comes from an international audience. So even if you are originally shooting your video in your language, adding a caption makes it accessible to a global audience.

6. Boosts your SEO

Captions provide additional information to the algorithm, which boosts your SEO. The algorithm will push your viewer to watch content further related to your content, depending on the title and description at the top of your video. Captions and hashtags are always indexed and impact the depth of your keywords. Captions always play a significant role in improving the SEO strategy of your content.

7. Supporting the deaf community

If you add captions to your TikTok videos, even deaf people will be able to enjoy your videos. These days, brands and creators are getting judged on how diverse and inclusive they are more than anything else. You can give content that extra accessibility edge with captions and establish your brand's inclusivity and diversity.

How to Add Text to TikTok Videos

Adding text to your TikTok videos isn't that difficult a task. It's better to keep the same editing menu that includes effects, music, and stickers. Here’s a tutorial with simple steps you can follow:

How to Add Text to TikTok Videos


Go to the video editing menu of TikTok, and tap on the text button at the bottom of the screen. Type the words in the text box that you want to appear in the caption.


From the round color dots at the top of your keyboard, select your text color preference. You can also go above the color option and change your text font by tapping the font names on the text editor. For instance, you can select the Handwriting option for the Italicized Text.

Step 3:

Tap on the text alignment bar to the left of the font option and align your text to the left, right, or center.

Step 4:

Double click on the highlighted icon to the left of the alignment bar. This bar will have an "A" to add different highlights to your text. With this feature, you can bold your text or make it appear in a box. You can check the available options by tapping the symbol.

Step 5:

Once you finish typing and designing the text, tap done. Drag the required text on the screen to adjust its position.

Step 6:

Go to the uploading menu, tap next and draft or upload your captioned video.

And you are done!

How to Edit Text on TikTok?

How to Add Text to TikTok Videos

Now that you have added captions to your TikTok video, you need to ensure that the caption looks presentable and goes with your video's aesthetics and background color. You cannot just add plain text to your video. To establish that your video content is attractive, you need to edit the font style, size, shade, text style, etc., of your text. You can also add stickers and animations if you want to.

Before moving your added text to the publishing menu, you can decide if it needs more polishing. Select edit text from the popup options from the top right corner and tap the written text. Repeat the steps of adding text to your video to re-do the caption according to your choice.

How to Set the Duration for TikTok Video Text and Make Text Disappear

tiktok video text timing

You can also choose how long you want the text to appear on your video. You can make the text appear and vanish according to your preference. This customization is beneficial to increasing the watch time of your videos.

If the text on your video appears and then disappears, your audience might not be able to catch most parts of it when they watch it for the first time. For this reason, they will protect your video for the second time. It will automatically shoot up your watch time. You can even specify which point in the video you want the popup Text to appear.

Determine How Long You Want Words to Appear on a TikTok Video

  • Tap the relevant text.
  • From the options that come up, select set duration.
  • Drag the time slider at the bottom right corner of the screen. It will set the timing of the text as per your wish.
  • Above the time slider, tap on the play button to preview the text beforehand.
  • Tap the checkmark symbol in the lower-right corner of the screen once you are satisfied with the position of the text.

How to Convert Text-to-Speech on Your TikTok Video

tiktok video text to speech

There is also a text option to convert your TikTok video to speech using TikTok's text-to-speech feature. TikTok added this feature to the platform to make its content more accessible. It ensures that the video appeals to a broader audience. The automated voice is also a USP on its own that adds an extra creative element to the content. You don't have to actually speak in your video but still have a voice in your video. Seriously, how cool is that?

The most advanced text-to-speech options can interpret and read a text like a human.

You need to touch the written text and select the text to speech feature. It will convert all the words on your TikTok video to audio by retaining the original text. You will then hear a voice repeating the text on your video.

Repurpose your TikTok content for other platforms

If you are applying so much creativity and talent to creating TikTok videos, you might as well leverage it for the other social media channels. You can repurpose the entire content or parts for different platforms like Instagram or Vimeo. Ensure to re-edit your videos with the proper aspect ratio of the channel you are posting them on. Instagram's "reels" option has made it easy to re-post TikTok videos or re-edit the footage using the reels video editor or other editing options.

The TikTok app is brimming with top-notch, trendy, and latest content. Content creators and brands from across the world are creating more and more content every day for this platform. Now is the best time to learn and explore more about this platform and implement it in your content to give it an edge.