20 Top YouTube Video Ideas You Should Try In 2022

Do you want to create a viral YouTube video? Do you want some ideas that work every time? Here are 20...

20 Top YouTube Video Ideas You Should Try In 2022

Everybody likes watching YouTube videos. Viewer habits range from a casual binge-watching reaction video or a full course playlist to learn a new skill.

For marketers, YouTube is a great way to reach their target audience because they can build trust, eventually leading them to be your customers. But there’s a lot of competition on YouTube.

Competing with those who have already established themselves will get harder and harder. How can you stand out and impress your audience with videos?

To help you out, we’ll share some of the most trending YouTube video ideas to shoot up your profile into the sky of more likes, subscribers, and fame. Let’s unravel the latest trends and popular YouTube video ideas in 2021.

10 First YouTube Video Ideas For Beginners

Do you want to start a YouTube Channel? The good news is that you are taking the first step by reading this post. Many aspiring YouTubers don't get past this stage, as they don't know where to begin or what to do once they start.

Worry not, I’ve gathered the top 10 first YouTube ideas for beginners just like you.

1. Every Teenager’s Favourite: Makeup Tutorials

makeup tutorials

Beauty and makeup videos are an all-time favourite among viewers. From teenagers to adults, who doesn't like to watch a tutorial about the perfect winged eyeliner in just 3 simple steps? Makeup tutorial videos can be a great way to step into the YouTube game and earn thousands of followers. Have a look at Denitslava Makeup, a popular channel having 2.99 million subscribers with easy makeup tutorials.

2. Quick Fixes to Almost Everything: DIYs


Easy, hassle-free, and time-saving DIY tutorials are definitely everyone’s go-to quick fix from craftwork to wardrobe fails. Select your audience—kids or adults—and choose from 100s of DIY videos on YouTube. Possible topics include arts and crafts, cooking, home décor, and gardening. Note that a DIY expert needs to explain a step-by-step procedure with professional-quality HD video clearly—making each one doable for anyone. Draw some inspiration from HGTV Handmade channel with 695K subscribers to get started.

3. Keep Your Explanation Simple and Impactful: Explainer Videos

explainer videos

Explainer videos get people excited about new products and concepts with animated videos and screen recordings that simplify everything. Engaging and visual explainer videos specifically showcase the latest products and new concepts that capture audiences’ attention. Here’s how Yum Yum Videos engage thousands of viewers with their amazing animated explainer videos.

4. Tune in with your Audience: Music Videos

music videos

Who doesn’t enjoy music videos of their favorite songs? Music videos are a pretty popular section of YouTube with millions of uploads and billions of views. Pick up your instruments and record a few covers. Chloe Moriondo is one such YouTuber who got fame with her amateur music videos and is now a featured artist in Vevo videos.

5. Laughing Therapy: Comedy Skits

comedy skits

Comedy skits are the perfect funny videos, especially for the kids' entertainment. Comedy skits are pretty famous among the regular audiences, whether they are parody, bloopers, satire, pranks, fails, or funny challenges. These great videos can make your audience laugh once they relate to things happening around them. You can gain massive popularity in less time with these. However, the key is to be genuinely humorous without being offensive. If you know how to strike a balance, comedy skits are your best call. You can refer to Comedy Central to get your punchlines right.

6. Assisting Audience Purchases: Product Reviews

product reviews

Who doesn’t check YouTube for product reviews before buying anything these days? From gadgets to clothes, product reviews are extremely handy before making a purchase. Unboxing videos with detailed product reviews help users understand the pros and cons of the product, its features and benefits, and whether or not it is worth it. Creating a detailed yet engaging product review video can blow up your channel. Get your basics right from this fantastic product reviewer Marques Brownlee. He engages millions of followers.

7. Geeky Ventures: Trivia Treats


A dose of basic trivia and interesting facts never fails to amaze people. If you have a knack for knowing new things, you should definitely go for trivia videos on YouTube. Your viewers will be engaged, entertained, and enlightened as they watch their favorite videos while learning fun facts! Trivia videos are a smart way to become a top pick among your viewers. Quizzers TV is a fantastic YouTube channel that has tons of trivia.

8. Build Audience Trust: Valuable Testimonials


Testimonials should be a part of your video strategy if you own a business. This type of video gives "social proof" and helps build trust in your company. Testimonials are a great way to convince your viewers that your products or services are premium and top-notch. Epic Productions showcases their clients' interviews on how Epic played a pivotal role in their business success.

9. Feed the Thrill: Speedrun Videos


Speedrun videos are a growing craze among teenage gamers and young adults obsessed with gaming. Speedrun YouTube videos drive thrill and excitement in your viewers and keep them hooked to their gameplay screens. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you should definitely go for speedrun videos that grab viewers’ attention like never before. Here’s how Silentwisperer gets love from thousands of subscribers with gaming videos.

10. A Dose of Laughter: Parody Videos

parody videos

With a comical parody video, you can put your own twist on a popular video, song, or movie and entertain your audience. People love parodies for a reason. They bring nostalgia and humor wrapped in one packet. Leveraging your animation skills, sense of humor, and witty writing, you can create viral parody videos that fetch you millions of views like Chad Wild Clay does.

But if you are an experienced creator and want good YouTube video ideas beyond curating favorite movies and TV shows, then head straight to the next section.

10 YouTube Content Ideas for Experienced YouTubers

If you're at a point in your YouTube career where your content is starting to grow a decent audience, and you're wondering what's next big thing, then this is for you. We've put together 10 fabulous ideas to upscale your YouTube channel.

11. A Peep Into Your Life: Daily/Weekly Vlogs


People love watching how their favorite YouTube star’s day looks like. Vlogging on a daily or weekly basis will keep your audience engaged and interested, giving them an insight into your day-to-day life. Spudstudy is a channel where the creator usually records her study sessions. She also vlogged her typical day for her subscribers to get a closer look at her daily routine. It got much love and crossed a million views.

12. Clarify At One Shot: Response Videos

response videos

Has another YouTuber posted an opinion video? Perhaps you disagree and want to express yourself. Response videos are more likely to get noticed than a random comment, and yours might help you and your channel gain traction! If you are a well-known YouTuber or an Influencer, response videos can stir things. Logan Paul, a sensational creator, posts his straightforward response videos on the Impaulsive clips channel.

13. Ardent Game Lovers: Walkthrough Videos

walkthrough videos

Walkthroughs of any video game are a lot of fun. It allows others to observe how you learn and play the game and how you overcome obstacles that they may not solve on their own. If you have a couple of favorite games and have spent enough time playing them, help beginners with thorough walkthrough videos. That’s exactly what Game Riot did, and was acknowledged by millions of users.

14. Showcase Expertise Guidance: Gadgets Reviews

gadget reviews

If you run a tech channel and have a new gadget, give it a review. These YouTube video ideas should go without saying, but we're highlighting them since they're crucial for growth. Share your first impressions of your hand-picked gadgets and review their performances. Unboxing Therapy helps millions of subscribers to make a conscious choice and buy the right gadget.

15. Unwind Retreat: Stunning Time-lapse


Time-lapse videos can make anything look amazing. These videos let you see the world in a way you've never seen before. Stunning time-lapse videos of sunsets, clouds, mountains, and beaches make for a great watch. They're always a big hit among people. JeffHk is a channel of a seafarer who shares captivating time-lapses of scenic seas that are adored by viewers worldwide.

16. Teach to Reach: Live tutorial sessions

live tutorial sessions

Many people struggle with academics. Tricky subjects like Mathematics and Science have given numerous students sleepless nights. But if you ace those subjects, you can create live tutorial sessions and informative videos showing people how it's done like The Organic Chemistry Tutor.

17. Let Your Audience Know: Opinion videos

opinion videos

Whether you feel F.R.I.E.N.D.S is an overrated show or consider pineapple on pizza the best culinary invention, an opinion video is a great way to express what you think. You can also take a raging debate topic and express your ideologies. New York Times often posts trending opinion videos for their subscribers to present conflicting ideologies.

18. What goes wrong behind the scenes: Bloopers


You've definitely bungled some takes if you've been in the YouTube game for a while. Combine them into a hilarious blooper video that your audience will enjoy. It isn’t always about nailing everything with perfection. Bloopers can create authentic connections with your viewers. They make you seem much more natural and genuine. Take a look at Rosanna Pansino's channel, where she shares more than just one kind of video to hook her audience.

19. Try Out Something Fun: Challenge Videos

challenge videos

Remember the famous ice-bucket challenge or the favorite mannequin challenge? Make one for yourself and share it with your audience. After all, there’s nobody who doesn’t love a hilarious fail or an impressive win at a trendy challenger video. If you are an influencer, taking part in trending challenges will prove to be a gamechanger. Faze Rug is one of the most popular challenge video channels where the creator uploads new challenge compilations.

20. Attract All: Giveaway Alerts

giveaway alerts

Giveaway videos get the most engagement on YouTube. You ask us why? Well, everyone loves freebies, and when they come from their favorite YouTube star, it’s worth the hype and effort. Giveaway videos can help you attract more subscribers and boost your channel visibility. Study to Success is a channel that often announces giveaways to reward its subscribers. You can give it a shot too.

5 Tips to get more subscribers on YouTube channels

Getting more subscribers on YouTube involves creating great video content, investing time and effort, and choosing the right keywords. But it also involves doing your marketing homework and using the right tools to help you get there. You can’t just post random types of video and check back in the next day expecting your channel to have thousands of subscribers overnight. Read on to find the top 5 tips to boost your subscriber count.

1. Choose a good YouTube handle

Your YouTube handle is your channel’s identity. Getting it right is the first step to a successful channel. You've put in hours of work, spilled your guts, and poured your heart into an awesome video, but you still haven't hit the desired number of views. Why? Because someone, somewhere, decided to steal your channel name! But on FameSwap, you can buy a famous YouTube channel with likes, followers, and real audiences at affordable prices. So go and get that YouTube handle name before someone else.

2. Be actionable by adding CTA and keywords

An excellent YouTube video without CTA or keywords is as good as a blank film playing for 10 minutes. Optimizing your YouTube videos with appropriate and high traffic keywords, compelling call-to-action, and share-worthy content bits are essential elements to a blockbusting YouTube channel. Adding your targeted keywords and a CTA button in your YouTube video will give you more chances to generate conversions and shoot up your subscriber numbers.

3. Stand out with custom templates

Only good videos attract loads of viewers. If you can’t create a high-quality video, you’ll fall short on viewers. Therefore, it is crucial to develop templates for your YouTube videos that catch viewers' eyes and keep them engaged. You need to prepare different templates to post viral videos on Youtube that blow up your engagement charts. Templates give a unique brand appeal to your channel and maintain uniformity in your videos, making your channel easily distinguishable from the YouTube cluster.

4. Use editing tools for a professional feel

Editing tools such as Premier Pro, Pinnacle Studio, and Final Cut Pro help you produce refined, high-quality videos with a professional look. Having a video editing tool can make your life easier. With the help of editing tools, you can edit almost anything and with a wide range of effects. Modify color, contrast, brightness, fade in or fade out videos, rotate them, and split them into several segments. Editing tools are your go-to for a myriad of video effects and help you upload premium videos.

5. Expand your tribe with cross-platform promotion

Cross-platform promotion can help you draw more viewers with the help of other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can easily leverage your strong social media presence to increase your viewers and subscribers count by giving a brief channel intro on other platforms. Such cross-platform promotion helps you build a community of like-minded individuals and helps you form close relationships with your audience, resulting in long-term viewer loyalty and increased subscribers.

The Final Takeaway

Launching and growing a successful YouTube channel takes careful planning, creative content, a well-defined target market, and a clear vision. Although it’s tempting to dive right into uploading content, you should take the time to develop a video marketing strategy for success.

With proper planning, you set yourself up for success and reduce the likelihood of failure as much as possible before you even hit ‘publish’ on that first video.

There is no one way to go about making YouTube videos. Make sure that you have at least a rough plan for your YouTube channel. Give your viewers a reason to tap on your video as soon as it appears on their notification bar. And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun while creating something valuable for your audience.