How to Become a Successful Instagram Manager

Do you want to become a successful Instagram manager? Don't know how to get started? Here's a complete guide...

How to Become a Successful Instagram Manager

Do you find yourself scrolling through hundreds of Instagram posts for hours at a stretch? Does Instagram excite you?

Can you manage and monitor your Instagram profile like a boss? Then, why not make a career out of it.

Instagram keeps releasing tools to help business owners succeed on this social media network. Businesses can advertise products and services, build their brand, and increase sales on Instagram with the correct marketing strategy.

Now, if you’re curious about what it takes to be a kickass Instagram manager, then hold on. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to get started with growing your account as an Instagram manager and creating a profitable side hustle by managing others’ Instagram accounts full time.

What does an Instagram manager do?

An Instagram manager takes care of the Instagram accounts of businesses and clients. They create content, schedule it, monitor hashtags for engagement, and so on. They also develop and implement an apt marketing strategy for clients based on their organic growth rate. Whether it is #brandawareness or a campaign for engagement on a client's Instagram page, an Instagram strategist knows how to drive results. They are also responsible for content creation ideas as per brand guidelines and can even collaborate with clients in creative decisions.

Being a very niche career, the number of Instagram account managers is rather low. Most brand owners understand how important Instagram is to their businesses and want to expand their client bases by hiring an Instagram manager to run their Instagram accounts. Some manage their own social media accounts while others train an intern or a new hire to take over the account management responsibilities from them.

So, what makes a kickass Instagram manager and how to become one? Read on to find out more about the knick-knacks of this modern-day, glamorous profession.

What does an Instagram manager’s typical day look like?

Instagram is a fun, exciting, and dynamic platform for self-promotion and is a fantastic way to bring new clients. As an Instagram account manager, you will help clients grow their following and increase brand recognition.

Take a look into the day-to-day hustle and bustle of an Instagram manager.

1. Setting up Instagram accounts

It starts with initial in-depth audience and market research for customers' industries to better understand their target audience's preferences, interests, challenges, and pain points. Instagram managers then sketch a customized content strategy that stirs a market buzz and gets engagement.

instagram profile set up

An Instagram strategist must correctly set up Instagram business accounts and manage several. They must flip between their clients' Instagram accounts smoothly and pay special attention to them individually. This might seem like a minute detail, but knowing your way around Instagram basics will set you apart from novices.

2. Create customized content calendars to stay steps ahead

Scribbling content ideas on scrap paper, post-it notes, and odd notebooks isn't the most practical way. Every business needs a tailored content calendar that aligns with their brand vision and reflects their brand story. A well-thought and strategically planned content calendar helps maintain consistency, audience engagement, and provides visibility into a content marketing plan.

Instagram managers also seek help from copywriters to craft compelling and engaging posts and captions for this. They are also responsible for ensuring that all client's posts align with their brand personality and are posted at optimal times to get maximum engagement. Also, it is important to regularly check Instagram's updates to make sure that the client's content doesn't fall prey to any algorithm tweaks.

3. Leverage the power of hashtag strategies

Instagram is a social platform that thrives on daily trends and topics. In such a scenario, managers must create a strategic approach with the digital marketing team to be on top of trends and provide fresh content ideas. This means keeping an eye on trending hashtags, images, and videos.

Hashtags are an essential aspect of every successful marketing campaign because of their inherent potential to generate brand awareness and reach millions.

instagram hashtags

Here’s how Palmers uses hashtags in its posts.

4. Boost Instagram growth

Managers use various tactics to grow Instagram followers and organic traffic. They post engaging content at the best times, share exciting stories, cross-post to Facebook and Twitter, and run live videos. The most important task for an Instagram account manager is to get fans to take action–whether that’s clicking a follow button or downloading an app.

instagram insights

Source: Animoto

Instagram insights let you know which photos perform the best and those that might need some extra help from the social media team. You can use this data to create more compelling content for businesses looking to grow on Instagram. It gives managers the chance to review their data in detail and make smart changes to optimize their repost strategy.

5. Brainstorm ideas for scroll-stopping Instagram stories

Instagram Stories are designed to be ephemeral. To encourage continued engagement with the social media platform, users can post photos and videos that automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Using Instagram Stories, managers drive engagement and conversations with polls, questions, and quizzes. These stickers make stories fun and memorable.

instagram stories

Here’s how Inspire Me Home Decor uses stories to promote its new products. The story also has a ‘See More’ link to redirect viewers to its site.

6. Connect with influencers and social media managers

Managers are important for any business that wants to build an Instagram following. They work with multiple influencers and have connections with other social media managers. They always keep an eye on those who can help any of their clients and develop a vast Instagram influencer network.

Kickass Instagram managers have an excellent knowledge of influencers, how they can bring a spike in engagement, and the best methods for advertising products.

Instagram influencers

Pretty Little Thing, a clothing brand, collaborates with several influencers. In this post, it partnered with social media influencer, Molly Mae, to announce their giveaway.

7. Keep a check on the overall Instagram management

Did you know that about 70% of Instagram users report having looked up a brand on the platform?

Instagram managers create a perfect concoction of clarity, consistency, connectivity, and compelling visual appeal to deliver a brand's ultimate success. They develop signature brand moves that keep the audience engaged and coming back.

8. Run ad campaigns that bring better business leads

Instagram has more than 500 million monthly active users and is growing. But, as the platform becomes more crowded and competitive, it becomes difficult to step ahead of competitors. Every business owner wants to grow their Instagram presence. So what can help?

Instagram ads

Instagram Ads are a sure-shot way to advertise and promote a brand’s products or offerings in a manner that sparks user interest and gets them to click that “BUY” button.

An Instagram manager helps businesses figure out how best to use the tools and resources available on the platform to achieve their digital marketing goals and set up better ads. It is an excellent idea for any business that wants to expand its reach, engage its target audiences more deeply, measure their impact, and build stronger relationships with those who matter most to their organic growth.

How to become an Instagram manager?

It's time to put those brilliant Instagram tactics into action and turn your long hours of aimless scrolling into the productive and money-making hustle.

But of course, ruling Instagram like a BOSS can be a tricky affair. We have created an exact blueprint covering every aspect of effective Instagram management you need to know before kickstarting your new job role.

Step 1: Upskill yourself with a comprehensive course

The truth is that learning Instagram by yourself will require a lot of time and work. You need to learn about the platform while building up your profile, becoming a niche marketer, promote your own brand, and understand the various metrics in the insights.

A comprehensive online Instagram marketing course will help you get more organic followers, improve your marketing approach, and learn everything about the network. Furthermore, these courses are less rigorous, more convenient, and allow you to discover new viewpoints and ideas you can apply to boost your clients' Instagram profiles.

instagram courses

Popular learning sites like Skillshare, Alex Tooby, and Udemy offer various beneficial Instagram marketing online courses to help you quickly learn all the skills, inside secrets, and top hacks required to become a successful Instagram manager.

Let's imagine you have 10 clients on Instagram and need to manage their profiles. How do you find the time to schedule Instagram posts, develop and maintain relationships with influencers, monitor engagement, and analyze performance?

instagram tools

That's when mastering a popular Instagram tool like Hootsuite comes to your advantage. A high-quality social media management tool will be by your side in every step you take on Instagram. You'll be able to manage several Instagram profiles with ease if you use the right tool. You can also schedule content, build and nurture influencer connections, track interaction, and assess the performance of numerous Instagram profiles.

You can also create reports on the performance of Instagram profiles to your clients using analytics and re-strategize your plans based on their input.

Choosing a tool that allows you to post to numerous social media channels with less effort helps you quickly amp up your offerings. Many digital marketing agencies use a CRM to enhance their workflow. You save countless hours and effort and build a memorable brand image for your clients on almost all social platforms.

Step 3: Create an awe-inspiring portfolio

It’s rightly said that no matter what, get up, suit up and SHOW up. You can begin your career as an Instagram manager only when you show people how you can help them. Creating a solid portfolio can land you some amazing gigs.

Posting content regularly, providing visuals edited with professional tools like Canva, and learning how to manage the account properly is essential to attract high-ticket clients. Build a creative portfolio with all your skills that show off your Instagram expertise, results you've earned and what value you bring to the table.

Keep things simple. Your portfolio should be crisp, clear, and compelling. Showcase all your best works, strategies, and inputs that make you stand out. The best way to show that is by creating a personal brand, applying all your strategies to posting relatable and engaging content, and boosting growth. This adds credibility by reflecting your personal image and ultimately fetching clients. Also, be vigilant when choosing a username. If your desired account isn't available, then you can buy an Instagram account on Fameswap.

Step 4: Begin your client hunt

All things said and done, now is the time to ACT. You're all set to enter the Instagram fray and make it big for yourself.

So, spread the word. Let your family, friends, and peers know what you do, how you can be a valuable asset to businesses, and that you’re available. Publicize your new skills and services throughout all social media platforms like LinkedIn so that more people are aware of them and can easily reach out to you.

instagram manager clients

You can…

  • Rummage through freelancer websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Indeed looking for suitable job roles and gigs.
  • Keep your social media profiles updated and create fantastic content.
  • Take up more projects, add value to your clients, and earn their appreciation.
  • Collect testimonials, formulate case studies, share your content with your real followers and aim to show up everywhere.

The Final Takeaway

Instagram management frees you from the shackles of boring, blah job profiles that empty the fun from work. You may quickly plunge into your life as a digital nomad after discovering and learning how to become an Instagram manager. You'll soon start making money and finally finance the lifestyle you have always dreamt of.

Working as an Instagram marketer is an excellent choice for those who hate monotony and love experimenting with new things as it allows you to work from anywhere. You don't have to report to an office or clock in your timings. You can work while traveling anywhere in the world, be it beside a beautiful beach watching a stunning sunset or somewhere in the lap of gigantic mountains!

Now that you know how to start, all you have to do is get to work, follow our recommendations, and you'll be on your way to success!