In the 21st century,  it’s detrimental to build a personal or business brand online  The first step towards this is by building a great Instagram profile as it’s the most happening network right now.

One crucial component for branding your Instagram profile is the username.

Are you finding it hard to brainstorm the "one username" that perfectly fits your Instagram account? Yes, finding the best Instagram username (that isn’t taken) that complements your profile's vibe isn't an easy job!

There are so many Instagram brand pages and personal accounts that have already found theirs. If you want to stand out from them and win the Instagram marketing game and make it big, you should start with a good username.

Don't know where to start? We have compiled some of the best tips and ideas so that you can select the best username for your Instagram profile.

Why Is It Important to Use a Good Instagram Username?

  • Your Instagram Username is the face of your digital presence. If you want to establish an online identity and want more and more people to know about your Instagram profile, a good username is the first step.
  • If your Instagram username does not reflect your brand's personality, the target audience might not relate to you.
  • Your followers will remember you with the username. Whether they ask their friends to follow you or tag you in their Insta stories, they need to know it. Your Instagram username needs to be good enough to be in the heads of your followers.
  • People searching for something in your Instagram niche will search for related usernames in the search bar. You need to pick up a good, relevant username your target audience can easily find.  
  • A perfect Instagram username sets just the right tone for your brand's identity on social media.

Five Tips for Choosing a Good Username

Here are some powerful tips for creating a good username every single time...

Match the mood and personality of your content with your Instagram username

While choosing the username for your Instagram profile, you have to be widely open to brainstorming. Unleash all your creativity and have some fun coming up with new ideas. For instance, let's say you want to create an Instagram account to host your fashion DIY content.

Here are a few simple steps you can follow to figure out a perfect username for it:

Step1: List all the words that pop into your mind when you think about fashion. Here are a few that are in mine:

  • Style
  • Clothing
  • Glamour
  • Fashionista
  • Ladyboss

Step 2: Now that you have multiple choices, pick your favorites. See if you can combine them to create a username that's catchy and interesting. From this list, it may be @FashionistaLadyboss or @StyleandGlamour. You can pick up alliterations to make it sound good.  

Step 3: If you still don't like the usernames, you can try combining your name or your business name with some of your favorite words from the list, for example, KateClothingIdeas.

Step 4: Don't like any of the above options? Try something very random, unconventional, and out of the box to appear unique. But make sure that there is at least one word in the username that relates to the content you post. It shouldn't be absolute gibberish!

instagram username ideas

For instance, @PlantsInDecor is the username of an Instagram account that posts indoor plant pictures. The username is short, cute, creative, yet so relevant. It is simple and straightforward, so it should be easier to find.

Step 5: For an Instagram username that is catchy and different from the world, you can use something that isn't directly relevant to your niche but makes sense in the broader picture.

another username idea

For example, @cherie_flavor is an Insta profile related to beauty and makeup. @makeupbycheerie would supposedly be a more relatable and relevant username, but would it be attractive enough?

No! @cherie_flavor is not just catchy and one of the most original names, but also relevant because it gives a new dimension to the word "makeup" altogether.

Aren't most cosmetic products associated with flavors, be it the red wine shade of lipstick or nude peach cheek tint? The word "flavor" in the username appeals more to the senses of people and evokes emotions.

But, whatever it is, make sure your username tells a story. For instance, @comfortingtales can be a good username for an Instagram profile that posts short stories and poetry. It is well-depicted with the words "tales" and "Comforting" that describe the vibe you can feel from this profile.

2. Make your Insta username memorable enough for your target audience

Most of the popular Instagram profiles that enjoy massive engagement have quirky and cool usernames that their audience loves. It doesn't matter whether you post travel content or cute animal pics; there will be thousands of other similar accounts in the same niche. But then what can differentiate your account from the others apart from the content? An Instagram username that is fun and easy to remember.

narsissist instagram username

For instance, a beauty and cosmetics page has the username @narsissist, which is unique and resembles the "self-admiration" tone of the page.

3. Optimize it for Instagram SEO

For increasing the follower count of your Instagram account, you need to make sure that your username is well-optimized according to the SEO rules. It isn't rocket science!

Here are some basic steps you can follow:

Step 1: Make sure your primary keyword is present in your username. It will make your account appear in the search results for suggested accounts if someone searches for content in your niche. For instance, if you sell cupcakes, make sure you include the word "bakery" in your username.

Step 2: The best Instagram usernames are short, distinctive, and readable. Avoid using over-complicated words. Your audience should get what it means. For instance, @freshbakery is a much better username than @delectablecakes. That is because people are more likely to search for the word "fresh" for cakes than "delectable."

Step 3: Do not include any irrelevant special characters like hashtags or emojis or irrelevant numbers in your username. For instance, @cool#$xoxogirl might look trendy to you but has the slightest chance to appear in the search results, and it seems spammy.

Step 4: The username should be in the language of your target audience within the character limit.

4. Use a username generator for the best Instagram usernames for your perfect Instagram profile

Don't feel creative enough to brainstorm an Instagram username on your own? There are plenty of username generator tools you can use to generate an unbelievably perfect username. Most of the suggestions are catchy, optimized, and the best fit for your niche. You can check out some of these resources:

  • Jimpix
  • Lingojam
  • SpinXO
  • GetInsta

5. Get it to match usernames on your other social networks such as TikTok and Snapchat

We are pretty sure you don't want to create a personal brand or a product promotion page on a single platform. So before you finalize a particular username, check out if it is available on other social media accounts.

Why should you follow a consistent username on all platforms?

  • Once people have discovered you on a platform, they can easily find you on other social networks such as TikTok and Snapchat.
  • Your followers can easily share your content across all social media platforms like Snapchat by tagging you with a single username.
  • A consistent username is professional and authentic.

What to do if your Instagram Username is already taken?

You can do some of the things listed below:

  1. Add a slight variation to your decided username, for example, underscores or an extra keyword relevant to your niche.
username for instagram

For instance, @reachfitness is a popular fitness profile that added the word "gym" to their username for availability purposes. If you are worried that the change might reduce your discoverability, make the best use of your display name.

  1. If you are a particular brand and cannot change the username, not even a symbol, reach out to the account holder with the same username as yours. You can find their email probably on the bio or DM them.
  2. If you can afford to spend a few extra bucks for a username, you can register a trademark. But make this your last option since the process is both lengthy and expensive.
  3. Check out Fameswap if the account is available for sale. Make it yours without losing out on likes and followers at a reasonable price.  It is the easiest and most affordable option by far.

How to change your Instagram Username?

Changing the Instagram username is a pretty simple process, but you can take a few additional steps before it:

Let your users know about the change through your latest posts

Changing the username is a big step, so you have to make sure that your followers know the new username. Or else, they might not be able to identify your content the next time it appears on their feed. They also won’t be able to tag you in their stories or Instagram captions anymore.

Protect your old username

Is your Instagram account already popular with a large number of followers? Secure it before people start grabbing it like hotcakes.

username ideas for Insta

For instance, when Leonie Hanne changed her username from @ohhcoture to her name, she secured the old username first.

Secure your verification

Do you want to change the username of your already verified Instagram account? Secure your verification sign. Make sure to contact the Instagram App Help Center and update them about the new name so that they can easily transfer the verification to your username.

Once you’ve gone through these steps, you can now move on to changing the username by doing the following:

Step 1: Click on the "edit profile" button on your Instagram account. You can find it below your follower count.

Step 2: Choose the "username" option and delete the old one to replace it with a new one.

Step 3: Click on the "done" button. You’ll see a successful change in your Instagram username.

Six Best Instagram Username Ideas and Examples

Now that you almost know how to create a good username for your Instagram account, you can go through some of these cool Instagram Username ideas and examples:


ideas for insta usernames

This Instagram account is drowning in humorous memes, and quirky selfies are all the swag you need in your life. The witty and cool username is a perfect match for such a page.


social media username

This one is an Instagram page for people who love browsing through stunning pictures of some of the coziest homes. The feel of this Instagram account is breezy and comforting. The word "therapy" in the username makes a lot of sense.


create username

This Instagram handle is a piece of heaven for people who love aesthetic feeds of stunning views and chilling with lo-fi music. The words "comfy" and "cafe music" describes these feelings vividly. They complement the entire theme of the page.


instagram handle

It is an Instagram handle of a luxury fashion blogger and influencer. Her Instagram feed is all about eclectic wardrobe choices and elite fashion tips. The amalgamation of the words "fashion" and "heiress," which in a sense means Queen is so appropriate for her royal and classy fashion collection.


instagram names

This Instagram profile is all about wild travel experiences and adventures. And while it neither has the word "travel" nor the word "adventure" in the username that are the two most suggested keywords, it is still relevant. Often, the destinations we would love to travel to someday turn into a part of our "bucket list," making this username relatable and original.


names for insta

This one is a cute and bubbly Instagram account with a "pink" color theme on the feed, as the name suggests. The username is quirky and fun that makes it a good choice.

Now create your unique Instagram username

There are more than 1 billion Instagram accounts globally, and most of them have unique usernames. Generating yet another unique Instagram username for an account in a similar niche requires some work. This detailed guide should make things easier. Get started on your hunt!