6 Ways to Get More (Real) YouTube Subscribers in 2023

6 Ways to Get More (Real) YouTube Subscribers in 2023

With the high demand for dynamic video content, YouTube's popularity is on its rise. Practically every internet user watches videos on this platform.

Let the numbers speak for themself:

YouTube has all tools and features to help influencers and brands grab the attention of their audience.

If you're active on YouTube, you may be looking to boost your following and turn all those unsubscribed viewers into subscribers, and we can help you with this goal.

Having the numbers in subscribers goes a long way, especially financially.

Hitting those subscriber milestones is crucial. Currently, YouTube requires any channel to have no less than 1,000 subscribers to become a YouTube partner and start earning that money.

If you have financial goals, you should aim to gain organic subscribers. Making a living from YouTube or even just having it as an extra revenue stream still works.

Why Bother About Getting More YouTube Subscribers?

Most of your favorite YouTubers with a considerable following and massive collaborations with different brands are not from luck but from their subscribership.

That is why it is important to have genuine people following your content and subscribing to your channel. Increasing your organic reach will allow you to have the eyes brands and companies are always looking for to advertise their new products and services. You can earn a more considerable income the more your number of subscribers.

Getting more subscribers also affects the engagement rate, which is important to show you are dealing with real people and not bots, which is attractive to brands and companies looking to collaborate with creators. All these increments in engagement and subscription mean more income for you because it's a numbers game.

The more subscribers, the more advertisers are willing to pay extra for more eyes on their brand. Plus, YouTube also pays for video views.

You may be thinking, 'why should I get organic followers when I can just buy like other YouTubers?' Well, that is what we call a bad idea.

Why Buying YouTube Subscribers is a Bad Idea

Okay, first off, we get that impulse to want to get over and done with a quick, easy shortcut of buying subscribers and starting to earn from the platform.

After all, it is like buying resources to get a business off the ground. Do not fall for those "free" YouTube subscriber services either.

These platforms tell you all you have to do is subscribe and like the other channel's content to a certain number, and more than half are guaranteed to subscribe to your channel as well. What is happening here is you hiring your channel as a one-person click farm.

You end up with bot subscribers, getting into YouTube's bad books, lacking authenticity, and a bad look to your real subscribers. People like to see authenticity, and having bots in your subscribers makes you look less credible; brands will keep off as they want genuine views from actual people.

Having a strong following on YouTube is important, but you can promote your channel organically.  Whether you want to become a YouTuber or promote your products in-app, it's important for you to learn more about actionable ways on how to get more real YouTube subscribers.

1. Take Care of Your Chanel Authentic

This is very important as people appreciate genuineness and authenticity as it makes you relatable and honest; no one likes to be lied to or made a fool.

This is why avoiding clickbait content and buying subscribers or any other shortcut trick to gaining a following is essential. People want to associate themselves with things with positive values, and when you are authentic, people see that and relate to you personally, making you more likable.

What is more, you can pay attention to your channel design. Eye-catching and bright channels encourage people to subscribe. TacoBell is a great example:

And here's how the company creates custom covers for its videos:

This will make people subscribe because you're a person who brings good energy and everyone likes positivity and good energy. They will subscribe just to get a dose of that, so be authentically you.

2. Lay a Bet on High-Quality Content

Think about all your favorite YouTube channels, and no matter how different in a niche they are, they have one thing in common, good quality content, just like Sephora:

From the audio to visual quality, and everything is cohesive and easily consumable. No one likes poor audio. In particular, visuals can be pictures, but audio must always be high quality. Also, the content's quality means you must be as accurate as possible.

This content is global, and there are many experts and people proficient in whatever area of topic or discussion you may have. Be thorough if the content involves facts to be competent. People are impressed when they see the amount of effort you put into the quality of your work, which will make them want to subscribe to see what you will post next. Also, your YouTube video ideas must not be redundant or out of your niche.

3. Optimize YouTube Videos for Discoverability

This means you increase the probability of your video being on a non-subscribed viewer's discovery page. This is done by keyword research for your titles, descriptions, and hashtags.

Check out an example from H&M:

So if a person were to type on their discovery page anything about something a video of yours has, they would get your video. The more accurate, the more likely it will be the top videos found when people search. SEO is required here and does help.

This way, you will get more clicks from the random algorithm of YouTube based on your niche more often than not. Your videos will be pushed to people who have watched or subscribed to similar niches as your channel. Again, this is why a YouTuber must have an identifiable niche to gain subscribers.

4. Tease Your Viewers

Whenever a viewer subscribes to your channel, it is out of the curiosity you have created. They are now trying to anticipate your next piece of content and are looking forward to seeing what you will come up with next.

This is a good thing  as now you can purposefully set them up for your next video. You give them a teaser and a sneak-peak of what your next video will be about. Make sure you hype your audience for the following video and tell them not to miss out because it will be amazing.

This will encourage them to subscribe to get notified when you post your next video.

5. Remind Viewers to Subscribe

With a well-optimized video for discoverability, chances are that not all of your viewers are subscribers. So, wouldn't it be great if you could convert those viewers into real YouTube subscribers?

The easiest (yet the most effective) way to do it is to ask people to subscribe.

First, you can start your video with the view of YouTube's subscribe button like in the screenshot below.

Second, you can stay creative and make up other unique ways on how to inform your viewers to become your follower on YouTube. From pointing with a finger to holding a board, there are many ways to invite your viewers to subscribe.

However, always remind your viewers to subscribe. Sometimes some people just like to be asked. Other times it serves as a reminder. Some viewers repeatedly come to watch your content but never subscribe. Reminding them in every video to subscribe will slowly coax them, especially after they have returned severally and liked the content.

6. Partner with Niche Influencers and Brands

When you started your channel, you knew what type of content you wanted to create. You have that niche, which could be art, family vlog, storytelling, etc. this is a vital step as it will help you identify potential brands and Influencers you can collaborate with to create content or have paid sponsorship.

Collaborating with other YouTubers in a similar niche will help expose you to their audience and them to yours. This allows for a broader audience to be exposed to your content meaning you gain followers and subscribers who may have never known you.

The next level is to create a channel for your collaboration:

As a brand, you can also invite popular YouTubers to work together, just like in the video below:

Also having association with certain brands will expose you to their audience and gain new viewers and subscribers.


In the end, the takeaway is to be ready to put in the work. Gaining real followers without shortcuts is not for the lazy. If you put in the work with these tips you will see results. You must remain consistent.

You cannot do it for a week or a month and expect exponential returns. Be patient organic growth is slower but more steady as most genuine subscribers stick around as long as you keep posting.