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Ok, I'm trying to sell this baby now. it's been mine, and all mine organically grown for the last years, first clip being posted in all the way back in 2014. NO Strikes! ♦ It's on a GREAT niche that gets tones of views on Youtube. It's not currently monetized but the potential si HUGE, and it's very easy to get it monetization back with original content. ♦ It's a TOP 10 format, so not a lot of work is needed to please the existing subscribers and to gain new subscribers in this thriving niche. Tragic comes from searches (48%+), but with a good VA and a bit of time investment you can tap into 'Browse Feature' / 'Suggested Videos' as well. By the way, search traffic means that the channel has good authority in both Youtube search and Google search. Most of my 200+ videos ranking on the FIRST PAGE IN GOOGLE. This will not be a relax and get paid kind of purchase, you'll need to invest time and money and a bit of love, but as I said before the potential is THERE! ♦ It's gaining OVER 1000 subscribers on AUTO-PILOT, so you can imagine what it will gain with more videos. ♦ It's gaining OVER 300.000 views per month, again on AUTO-PILOT. ♦ 20-30 subcribers per day, in the last month. ♦ 11.000+ views pe day, in the last month. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS VOICE AND EDIT SOME VIDEOS, AND IT'S A BUSINESS!

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