Time-Saving Tips for Digital Nomads

Time-Saving Tips for Digital Nomads

Wouldn't it be great if you could travel around the world while working remotely? The era of digital nomads is here. The digital nomad lifestyle has become a dream for billions of freelancers around the world.

However, this lifestyle requires a high level of productivity and concentration.

Effective time management techniques help you complete more tasks within a reasonable period. This makes it easier to achieve your goals and objectives. In the modern digital workspace, time management can’t be emphasized enough. This is as remote work, and the rise of digital nomads continue redefining our operations.

The growing popularity of remote work and the rise of digital nomads

Technology advancements have significantly revolutionized working normalcy as we once knew.

Advancements, including faster internet connectivity and innovative devices, allow us to work on the move, at home, in co-working spaces, and in other settings out of the confines of a traditional office. The shift is further propelled by the modern populace demanding more working hours control and flexibility for a better work-life balance.

Today, more and more people chase the dream of becoming a digital nomad and the statistics prove it:

Remote working is not just a favorite for many workers. Organizations realize notable benefits, including lower operational costs and the potential to tap into an extensive talent pool. The remote working trend has further propelled the rise of digital nomads.

Who Are Digital Nomads?

Remote working is fun, and digital nomads take this to the next level. Digital nomads are individuals who work while traveling the world. While still working, this model can help you mark those destinations off your bucket list. Internet and technology solutions help digital nomads stay in touch with their colleagues, clients, and jobs while touring different regions. The flexibility and experiences digital nomads enjoy can significantly improve their personal and professional development. Nonetheless, this comes down to how effectively digital nomad manages their time.

Why Should Digital Nomads Aim at High Productivity?

Working while touring exciting destinations can easily knock you off the track. You can easily lose track of your work as you dive into all the excitement of a new destination. If you focus too much on your work, you won’t experience half the experience your destination offers. This brings us to the main point: time management. Focusing on productivity means employing practical time management in all your processes. Digital nomads can realize notable results when they focus on productivity, among the top including:

  • Earn more money: Digital nomads have the chance to work with diverse organizations across the globe. You can work on different projects simultaneously, given the many ways you can explore to make money online, including content creation. Tapping into the diverse opportunities requires effective time management to maximize the potential. A digital nomad can find and capture great opportunities when focused on improving productivity. This helps you earn more and have an easier time traveling the world.
  • Keep a work-life balance: Better work-life balance is among the top benefits propelling remote working popularity. You’ve more control over working hours and can spend more time with your loved ones and do what you like. However, this is only possible if you effectively manage your time. Time management helps ensure you don’t drop the ball on one aspect, which can be chaotic. Improving productivity entails mapping out what you should be doing and when. This lets you stay on top of your game and balance your work and life.
  • Be competitive: Digital nomads have an extensive pool of opportunities, but the competition is increasingly growing. As remote working continues to be a favorite among many, digital nomads must deliver value to secure more opportunities. Focusing on productivity gives you a competitive edge since you meet, if not exceed, expectations, making it easier to secure more lucrative offers.

7 Time-Saving Tips for Digital Nomads

Saving more time to work and enjoy a productive remote working lifestyle is evidently beneficial. So, how can you effectively manage and save more time as a digital nomad? Let’s look at some of the straightforward yet practical time-saving tips.

1. Create a Workplace

Digital nomads don’t have much control of the work environment since they keep moving. This doesn’t mean you can’t create a conducive work environment. You can leverage solutions like co-working spaces. These spaces have the resources you need, like high-speed internet connectivity and diverse equipment. They are also great for networking since you’ll meet and interact with other digital nomads.

Investing in the right equipment, like noise-canceling headphones, also helps. The right solutions can help you work in different areas, including coffee shops. The trick here is to minimize distractions as you work to remain productive.

As a digital nomad who works from all over the world, it's important to know how to organize your desk as it has all the basic elements you need to work productively. Check out a handy infographic below:

2. Find Your Working Hours

Working may not be as much fun as touring the top attractions in your destination. Don’t give in to the temptation of postponing your task to go exploring. A creative way to beat procrastination is by doing something productive. For digital nomads, this significantly hinges on finding your working hours. The tip here is to establish when you find it easier to focus and get more done.

For instance, if you are the most productive in the mornings, set your work schedule to align with the early window. This lets you work more when your batteries are all charged up. You then tour later in the day and get more marked off the checklist. This way, you’ll be more productive than trying to work later when you are tired and during a window when you aren’t at your best.

3. Automate Routine Processes

Automation is among the top benefits of embracing technology. You don’t have to manually handle those mundane yet critical aspects like sending out emails. You can use different tools to set and forget routine tasks without jeopardizing your progress.

Automating those routine processes takes a notable load off your hands, allowing you to focus on more demanding and critical bits of your work. This saves you more time and helps improve productivity.

4. Make Good Use of Various Online Tools

The online world is loaded with all sorts of tools designed to help improve productivity. There’s almost an app for every activity out there, and the trick is to find one that best matches your needs. Using the right tools and apps helps speed up different processes and save more time. This lets you achieve more and stay on track as a digital nomad striving to explore different regions while working.

5. Hire a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to get more done and faster. The assistant can handle administrative tasks such as managing calendars, scheduling appointments, researching, and creating reports. This frees your time, improves flexibility and efficiency, and lets you focus on core activities. The contributions mean a virtual assistant’s service can improve a digital nomad’s productivity and work-life balance.

If you wonder whether hiring a virtual assistant is right for you, check out this image below:

6. Plan Your Workload Ahead

Planning your workload ahead is a great way to anticipate issues and alleviate stress. You can map out what you need to do and when and implement contingencies to help you stay on track in case of unforeseen issues. Such plans help effectively manage time and improve digital nomads’ productivity amidst challenges such as a destination that turns out to be less conducive for their work than expected. This makes it easier to stay on top of deadlines, minimize burnout, and enjoy better work-life burnout.

7. Network with Other Digital Nomads

Networking is essential for professional and personal development. As a digital nomad, networking helps you learn from others, making it easier to navigate common problems. The community can provide new ideas, support, and resources to help you keep going. You can also discover more opportunities and collaborate when working on similar projects or even start a joint venture.

Networking with other digital nomads also lets you develop a community. Companionship and friendship are essential since a digital nomad’s life can make you feel lonely compared to societal living in traditional settings. The community makes your digital nomad’s lifestyle more enjoyable in the long run.


Digital nomads and remote working are the top trends in today’s tech-oriented workplace. The strategies offer amazing benefits to both the workers and organizations. However, productivity can be tricky, especially for remote workers and digital nomads who fail to implement strategic time management plans. Nonetheless, the hiccup can easily be remedied by including the above mentioned tips in your plans.  You’ll find it easier to effectively and efficiently work, earn, and travel, ensuring you enjoy the best of technology-powered workplaces.