How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story

Do you want to make a collage on Instagram stories in 2021? Here's a complete guide you should check out...

How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story

Recently, you might have observed that several influencers and brands are posting stories on social media with several pictures or video clips. This is what we call an Instagram collage.

It’s a collection of photos shared through an Instagram story. This style of Instagram stories is the trend these days. The visual is appealing and creative which makes it a favorite of several Instagram users.

What are some ways to use collages in your Instagram stories?

Instagram collages are fun and cool. There are so many epic ways in which you can use an Instagram collage story. Here are some of the best ones for you.

1. Sale announcement

Are you launching a complete line or package of several products or services together? With this Insta story format, you can showcase all of them through a single story.

Is it not better than overwhelming your audience with dozens of stories that they will skip? You can even make an Insta collage story of the reviews that your customers write about your offerings.

2. Adding a personal touch to your brand

Did your team go out for lunch together? Are you on a workcation? Sneak peeks from these personal moments can make your brand appear more human.

Your audience will relate to and connect to your brand emotionally. Isn't that a big win? If spamming with these pics seems a bit irrelevant from a professional account, create an Insta collage story and post it.

Tip: Your Instagram collage aesthetic should be somewhat similar to your feed aesthetic. It should be an extension of your overall brand aesthetic.

3. Get artsy and creative

Instagram is all about glamour and pizzazz. You cannot grab the attention of your audience unless you go full swing creative. The collage format is so artistic and attractive that your audience cannot help but engage with it.

4. Tell a story

Brands don't obsess over storytelling without any reason. Every marketing trick in the book can fail but not this hack. People love stories - by that, I mean brand stories and not Instagram stories).

You can create a narrative with a series of pictures on your Instagram collage story.

For instance, you want to promote your cafe through an Instagram story.

Simply create a collage with three pics of your cafe menu, cafe decor, and maybe a group of friends spending time in your cafe. This gives out a clear message of why people should visit your cafe with a single story. Isn't that great?

5. Tempt your followers

All creators and brands want their followers to watch every story they make. But imagine you are the audience! Will you really want to spend so much time watching the hundreds of stories on your feed?

But here's a secret hack to tempt your followers to watch most of your stories, if not all. Create a sense of mystery. Share sneak peeks of your upcoming offers or behind the scene of your team working on something with an Insta story collage. In this way, your brand can captivate even the shortest of attention spans.

6. Share professional milestones with your audience

Whether you are a business owner or an Instagram creator, you can make your audience a part of your journey by sharing your professional milestones.

Share the moment of launching your store or a new product/service or announce a big deal with the Insta story collage option. It can be a beautiful way to express your gratitude to your followers for helping you reach your goals.

Top 5 Brands using collages on their Instagram story

The collage format on Instagram stories has created a massive opportunity for brands and influencers to make catchy and unique content.

Businesses are constantly experimenting with designs, layouts, styles, aesthetics, etc. when it comes to curating their Instagram. There are so many great apps and tools (both free and paid) that make this process even more personalized for creators.

Brands with a good Instagram marketing strategy never fail to hop on the latest trends on the app, and the collage story on the app is no exception.

Here are some examples of businesses using this trend successfully:

1. Revolve

instagram collage example

This is a millennial power brand that is a pro at taking advantage of all the latest Instagram features. It collaborated with the StoryLuxe app to release its own personalized branded collage templates. It created some special templates for Coachella that became a huge hit too.

2. Bandier

insta collage

This activewear brand is too fond of the collage style for Instagram stories. Their collections are mostly displayed through collage stories. Similar outfits are categorized into a single Insta story for a more organized look and feel. This brand plays around with so many fun templates and fonts that make the stories visually stimulating.

3. Netflix

Netflix has the most perfectly curated and creative Instagram stories and feed. They create collages of best shows in the same genre and post them on their stories. This brand even creates a collage from clips from two or three scenes from different shows and movies.

netflix collage

Don't you think this sparks some genuine interest among the audience? After a new show is released, Netflix also creates collages from the reviews to post on their stories. It is a great strategy to attract more people to watch that content. If you lack creative inspiration to try out the collage format, go ahead and stalk Netflix stories.

4. Fabletics

This workout apparel business uses the Instagram collage story format to give exclusive sneak peeks of behind-the-scenes photoshoots. Kate Hudson, the co-founder of this brand, also shares glimpses from her personal life with collages on the stories.

fabeletics insta

Another very interactive story idea they use is posting animated clips of their customers shopping and trying out stuff. Don't you think this is a highly engaging idea to attract more story viewers?

5. Forever 21

This brand posts the trendiest Insta stories! Most of this brand's stories are around polls where they create collages of different outfits, shoes, accessories, etc., to let their audience choose their favorite.

collages on instagram

For instance, what do you want to see next - summer shoes or summer jewellery? Or which one do you like more- classic black dress or shimmery silver outfit? The audience loves it when they are given a choice.

How to make an Instagram collage story?

You can create an Instagram story collage in just a few minutes if you want to. Here's a quick tutorial to create it on your iOS or Android:

  1. Select the picture you want to share. You can enhance it with a filter.
  2. You can even change the background. Just click on the airbrush and tap it for a second after you select a color.
  3. Go to the Photos section of your phone.
  4. Click on that picture in the gallery and choose the share icon to copy the photo on your Instagram story.
  5. Open Instagram and go back to your Insta story. You will spot a sticker with an option to "add sticker" further.
  6. Tap on it as many times you want to add more pics to your Insta story collage.

Tip: Always have the goal to make your Insta collage story more engaging. Add Instagram polls or creatively use the "Ask me Anything" button. You can even add some funny gifs or emojis to make the stories a bit more interesting.

How to use the layout feature to create an Instagram collage story?

Instagram recently introduced the layout mode in its stories. You can very easily create a collage of your story by following the below steps:

  1. Go to the stories section in the top right on the Instagram app.
  2. Swipe left to see the options.
  3. Choose the layout mode.
  4. Select the grid design that seems like a perfect fit for your story.
  5. Upload the photos or screenshot you want for your collage.

8 Best photo collage editing apps you can use to create aesthetic Instagram collage stories

Yes, you can create collages for your Insta story on the app itself. But will you be satisfied with the limited layout and design options? Will your audience find it interesting enough? The answer is probably no!

Here are some of the best professional app suggestions to create those dazzling Insta stories.

1. Canva


Canva is probably the most easy-to-use tool out there to create a collage on your Instagram story. The app has thousands of templates your inner creative is going to love.

Do you know the best part about Canva? You don't even need any designing skills! Sounds super convenient, right? You can go ahead and add both videos and images to your story collage.

2. Layout

layout from instagram

If you are not pleased with the layout option, don't worry. Instagram has launched an entire Layout app. It has so many flexible options for you to add and customize as many pics or clips as you want on your Insta collage story. You will love how simple it is to create collages on this app.

Tip: Use split or pop-up images for your Insta story collage to make it more visually stimulating.

3. Unfold

unfold app

Unfold is one of the handiest collage maker tools to create mesmerizing Insta stories. You cannot get enough of the plenty of clean and modern collage templates. It even has a preview option to check out how your story will look before hitting that "post" button. There are many occasional updates (personalized according to seasons and occasions), so you are not bored of the same designs.

4. Tezza

tezza app

This collage app is probably every Instagrammer's dream. All the templates are fully customizable. You can choose your favorite shades and fonts, add vintage filters, thematic stickers, text overlay, and so much more. Want to add that pop of color and personality to your Insta collage stories? Tezza is your best friend. Be the show-stopper of your followers' Insta feed with this one.

5. Mojo

mojo app

Do you know which is the super hottest trend on Insta stories right now? Adding some fun animation to the Instagram posts. The Mojo app is your one-stop destination to create a stunning Instagram video collage for stories.

It has so many easily customizable animated templates that you can trim, crop, resize, change speeds, colors, add titles, effects, animations, etc. You will have so much fun creating collages on this app! You can download it from Google Play or AppStore.

6. Storyluxe

storyluxe instagram stories

This one is a tempting photo editing app that can make you obsessed with creating collages. Storyluxe is one of the few apps to customize background textures to get the aesthetic vibe you need. No wonder it tops the list of apps used by brands and professional creators for editing Insta stories.

You cannot get over the app's dynamic templates with literally so many design options. Polaroid, instant film, neon, floral- you name it. You can also use this resourceful app to create a carousel for your Insta feed.


scrl collages for instagram

Can you imagine how cool it can be to create a paranormal effect on your Instagram stories? Your stories will have a more seamless transition which will create an "aesthetically pleasing" effect.

You can layer camera-roll pictures across frames in your canvas using the SCLR app on your iPad or tablet. Don't you think your followers will be so much more enticed to swipe through the stories to see what's next?

The link between the stories due to the continued photo experience is a great idea to gain more views. Not only for the Instagram app, but you can use this hack for Snapchat or TikTok stories as well.

8. PhotoGrid

photogrid collage maker and editor

If you are not a big fan of those fancy collage-making apps, you can stick to an app as basic as PhotoGrid. It has limited but good templates that you can use to create appealing collage stories. The options in the app are simple, and the customization is limited. But it's a great choice if you have a low budget.

Tip: Add some text to your story to make your audience stop on your Insta story a little longer rather than just tapping it away in a flash.


Insta stories that are created and designed with perfection will always attract more views. Adding collage stories with the perfect vibe, aesthetics, and mood to your Instagram marketing strategy is the best decision you will ever make. We hope this detailed blog will help you out at every stage.