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350,000 50,000 $2,000.00 4 days ago Automotive
I have 10 pages, and the biggest is 350.000. All is about cars :) Reach at biggest page is from 700.000 to 1.000.000. Would like to sell all pages. Can sell biggest :) Average 1.000 likes per post and 100 shares. For example some posts: 50,011 people reached 34,808 people reached 23,614 people reached latest top post had 387,272 people reached with 1k likes and 2k SHARES! Video stats, 333,422 people reached, 108K Views, 3k likes, 2k shares! Price for biggest, 2.000$ Price for all pages (total amount of likes 1.600.000) is 5.000$
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Weekly Reach: 32,767
Friends of Fans: 0
Top Gender: Male
Top Country: Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, UK, US
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Have you ever engaged in acquiring fake likes/fans? No
Have you advertised your page in the last 30 days? No
Monetized? Yes Revenue $0.00 Expenses $0.00

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