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This account was build from 0 on up to 56k 100% legit and 0% bots, I don't have time to manage the account anymore and it took me 1 and half year to build it up but now im kinda bored and gonna start university in next month so I will sell to make couple hundreds and buy a good pc with the money :) , all screen Shots are availbe from visits, countries, sex, age, impression etc.... even for every picture the insights are availbe I can easly send it to you 100% screenshots and detailed info about the account, The Trade With me is 100% secure and legit and I have experince with many scammers so scammers GO AWAY NO TIME TO WASTE (( PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE FOR SURE )) the account is very very legit with very high potentional, with this accounts it used to earn 135$-180$ per month from promotion and shoutouts and paid adds, each picture gets 30k 40k impresions and reach i can show you the insights and screenshots.
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